Sponsoring Opportunities

Sponsors and exhibitors are an important part of our Annual Conference to ensure Organization leaders have access to first-class resources and impactful on conference experience. You can help make that happen! Sponsorship provides you with an outstanding opportunity that directly connects to hundreds of philanthropy leaders through expansive conference promotions, communications channels and the conference itself.

Sponsors are essential supporters of our Annual Conference to ensure attendees have an impactful conference experience. Sponsorship provides you with an outstanding opportunity to directly reach hundreds of philanthropy leaders through conference promotions and communications channels.

With the formation of unique promotional opportunities, we can help you design the perfect programs and events to enhance your organization’s experience at the Geology and Environmental Sustainability . The Main Sponsor Program exposes attendees and businesses to your company and promotes your presence within the industry. URF strives to realize recognition, long term exposure, benefits and publicity for companies that sponsor any of the UR Forum

Why Sponsor a UR Forum?

When you are a company sponsor you get high visibility in a qualitative and uncluttered environment that makes your message stand out to the audience. This conference offers a diverse menu that helps you to reach your target audience.

Sponsoring will enable you to:

  • Increase your apparentness to a national, regional and international audience.
  • Enhance your corporate image
  • Reach an influential and exclusive audience
  • Breakthrough the media clutter
  • Associate your company with URF
Please note those sponsoring opportunities are not restricted to packages in this guide. We would be glad to explore ideas to fit in your budget planning.


All payments should transfer before the start date of the Conference. If any Sponsor fails to complete any payments prior to the commencement of the Conference Events, the Coordinator will be authorized to cancel the reservation tickets while cancellation will be subject to cancellation fees as given below.

All cancellation requests must be done in writing format, Please get in touch with [email protected]

If the Sponsor cancels the Sponsorship 3 months prior to the Event, a Cancellation Charge of 50% of the Sponsorship Fee will apply.

If a Sponsor cancels the Sponsorship within 3 months of the Event, the Sponsor agrees to pay 100% of the contracted Sponsorship Fee as Cancellation Charge.

If a Sponsor cancels with an outstanding balance due, the Sponsor remains responsible for the entire balance due, including reasonable legal fees to collect.