Scientific Sessions

Track 1


Track 2

AI Approaches in Vaccine Development

Track 3


Track 4

Cancer Vaccines

Track 5

Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health

Track 6

Epidemiology and Public Health

Track 7

Human Papillomavirus vaccineHPV

Track 8

Human Vaccines Immunotherapeutics

Track 9

Influenza respiratory vaccines

Track 10

Next-Generation Vaccines Advancements and Challenges

Track 11

Paediatric Vaccines Immunology

Track 12

Plant Based Vaccines

Track 13

Toxoid vaccines

Track 14

Veterinary Vaccines

Track 15

Vaccine Research and Development

Track 16


Track 17

Bacterial and Fungal Infectious Diseases

Track 18

Waterborne Infectious Diseases

Track 19

Chronic and acute infections

Track 20

Neuro infectious diseases

Track 21

Orthopaedic Infections

Track 22

Causes and Symptoms of an Infectious Disease

Track 23

Viral Infectious Diseases

Track 24

Gastrointestinal infections

Track 25

Infectious Diseases Infection control

Track 26

Paediatric infectious disease

Track 27

Pulmonary infections

Track 28

Ebola and Zika Viral Infections

Track 29

Blood Infectious Diseases

Track 30

Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

Track 31

Viral Immunology

Track 32

Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Track 33

Human Vaccines Immunotherapeutics